The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) believe that GOOD HEALTH IS GOOD BUSINESS. (Click here for .pdf file)

Health assessment of staff is an important part of a risk management strategy. There may be a statutory reason for arranging health surveillance programmes.
(E.G. C.O.S.H.H.) Poor performance at work may have a health problem at the root of it, which may be work-related. Life-style issues may impact on work performance--such as alcohol or drug abuse.

If a work-place risk assessment identifies a likelihood of an ill health effect, some form of health surveillance may be appropriate. This may be a simple reporting system, or it may involve a clinical assessment of staff. Contact the CLINICAL AND EVALUATION UNIT  for advice on the establishment and maintenance of health surveillance programmes.

The assessment of possible health-related poor performance at work will require a clinical assessment of individual members of staff. Our specialist occupational health team will evaluate symptoms, clinical diagnoses and loss of function, in the context of workplace activities and organisational requirements. Where appropriate we will liase with other health care professionals to corroborate findings, confirm diagnoses and facilitate support.

Effective communication between staff, managers and treating agencies is a key to the successful management of health-related poor performance. Whilst respecting clinical confidentiality, we will provide advice to individuals and to managers to secure a  beneficial outcome, balancing the needs of individuals with those of employing organisations.

Health assessment is part of a risk management strategy.


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